Why I Love Wales – Welcome to The Welsh Enthusiast Blog!

"Croeso", the Welsh word for "Welcome", masked over the Welsh flag.

Hello, and croeso!

I’m Riley, the human behind The Welsh Enthusiast.

I started this blog to give myself a dedicated space for my love of Wales and the Welsh language.

My passion for Wales started back in 2019, and it remains one of my top interests.

From the language, to the history, to the modern culture of Cymru, I can’t get enough of this beautiful country.

Though I’ve really no ties to Wales, myself, my enthusiasm has motivated me to learn the language (dwi wedi bod yn dysgu ers 2020, ond dwi ddim yn rhugl o gwbl 😅), and (humbly and respectfully) dive into anything and everything Welsh.

In November-December 2022, I finally made it out to Wales!

For one month, I stayed in Barry and made frequent day trips to Cardiff.

Riley, a white nonbinary person with short brown hair hidden under a black beanie, smiles at the camera amidst a backdrop of the beach at Whitmore Bay in Barry Island, Wales.

There’s much more of Wales I’d like to see, but for now, as I’m stuck on the other side of the globe, I’ll be meeting that need by writing blog posts about various Welsh things (and continuing to learn Welsh, of course).

Do you love Wales? Are you Welsh yourself? Just a fellow enthusiast?

Whatever the case, you’re more than welcome to join me on my Welsh journey!

Why I Love Wales

Who can say what makes somebody fall in love with any particular person, place, or thing?

I can’t quite pinpoint where my love of Wales started, but I can share some of the things I admire most about the country and the language:

  • The land is beautiful! From the coast, to the mountains, to the hillscapes of each beautifully unique town… the topography of Wales is truly breathtaking.

  • The language is beautiful! The history of Cymraeg and the perseverance of its speakers in the face of oppression is admirable beyond words.

  • The weather is perfect. I might be in the minority, here, but I truly love the relatively mild climate of Wales. It doesn’t get as absurdly hot or cold as it does in, say, Colorado, where I currently live.

  • Welsh nationalism, while not something I’ve any place to claim, is invigorating to witness. I’ve never been proud to be an American. Passionate patriotism, where I come from, often goes hand-in-hand with white supremacy, Christian nationalism, and/or neo-Nazism. But with Wales, pride in one’s country is a refreshingly beautiful thing! It makes me happy to see people proud of their history, culture, and language.

  • Michael Sheen. I don’t feel the need to elaborate on this one.

What to Expect From The Welsh Enthusiast

This site is a place for me to gush about my interest in Wales.

I may (humbly) share things I’ve learned about Welsh history and culture, or give progress updates on my journey to learn the Welsh language.

I’d also like to promote Welsh businesses and events, especially small businesses and artists based in Wales.

You might see some posts that recommend the best small businesses in a particular town, or a post that highlights one such business or artist in particular.

Eco-friendly and minority-owned businesses are especially of interest to me, and I’d love to promote them on this site.

A Humble Enthusiast

As I said before, humility is important to me in running this site.

I’m from the US, and though I have found a couple traces of Welsh in my lineage, it’s so far back in my family tree that it’d be silly for me to claim Welsh ancestry.

Wales is not my native country (though I do have hopes of relocating and becoming a Welsh citizen someday), and I don’t want to be the stereotypical American who thinks everything everywhere is all about them.

Side Note:

I promise to put any income earned through The Welsh Enthusiast right back into the economy of Wales.

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This is simply a place for me to share my love of Wales, and to spread that enthusiasm in a way that will hopefully benefit Welsh businesses, artists, and so on.

I plan to post at least twice a month, though I do have quite a lot of other projects I’m working on.

I don’t want this website to become an obligation where I’m churning out crap content just to meet a quota; there ought to be Enthusiasm here at The Welsh Enthusiast!

If you’d like to join me in celebrating Cymru and Cymraeg, feel free to stop by any time, and follow me on Facebook for updates!

Gyda chariad (with love),

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