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5+ Ways Get Your Daily Dose of Wales


Are you a Welsh enthusiast, always looking for ways to incorporate Wales into your daily life?

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to live in Wales, this won’t be a problem!

But even if Wales is right outside your front door, you might be looking for a healthy boost of Welsh nationalism to start the day with pride.

Whether you’re looking to Welsh-up your life from outside the country, or just a little extra Welsh pride as you go about daily life in Wales, here are some ideas for ways to get a daily dose of Cymru!

1. Eat & Drink Welsh Food & Beverages

In my opinion, one of the best ways to connect with any country is to appreciate their food (and drinks)!

There are a ton of different ways to incorporate Wales into your meals, but here are my personal top three:

1. Welsh Coffee

Hoffi coffi?

Wake up with a taste of Wales by brewing a fresh cup of locally-roasted coffee!

If you’re in Wales, head down to the nearest cafe that either roasts their own coffee or works with local roasters.

Or, order directly from the roasters and keep your kitchen stocked with fresh grounds (or whole beans)!

Most Welsh roasters will ship anywhere within the UK, and many offer subscriptions so you can be sure you’ll always have enough coffee – and save money while you’re at it!

I personally recommend Two Dogs Coffee Company, which I had the pleasure of buying during my time in Wales last year.

They are based in Brecon, and they place an emphasis on sustainability and supporting women’s cooperatives.

Not located in the UK? These Welsh roasters will ship internationally:

(Please let me know if there are others that I’ve somehow missed!)

I can personally attest to the excellence of Black Mountain Roast (they’ve been my go-to for several years), and am excited to also try Big Dog Coffee someday soon!

Note: I recommend buying whole coffee beans if you’re having them shipped from out of the country. This will ensure they stay fresh longer; the closer to brewing they’re ground, the better!

2. Welsh Tea

Photo by Lydia Matzal on Unsplash

If coffee doesn’t do it for you, there’s always tea!

Glengettie is a classic, long-trusted brand of Welsh tea, and it’s available in plenty of stores in the UK, as well as online.

In the US, I’ve seen it at British import stores in my city, and I’ve been able to get it shipped directly to my home for much less than I would’ve expected.

3. Welsh Cakes

Photo by Llio Angharad on Unsplash

If you’re in Wales, you won’t have trouble finding Welsh cakes.

Whether you get them fresh from a local baker, or packaged at the grocery store, there are plenty of pice ar y maen to be found all over Wales.

In the US? Try the Welsh Baker!

They ship FREE anywhere in the US, and if you order six packs at once you end up saving money.

I try to avoid sugary foods these days, but I make an exception for these!

My pantry (or freezer) is always stocked with Welsh cakes, and they make a great breakfast side, midday snack, or dessert.

And of course, wherever you are, you can always try making them at home yourself!

For that matter, you can make a whole lot of Welsh food if you’re brave enough to try cooking or baking them at home!

2. Consume Welsh Media

Sure, there’s the BBC in Cardiff, and you’ll hear international musicians on local radio stations in Wales.

But there is plenty of Wales-specific content out there to enjoy, too!

Listen to Welsh Music

You can listen to Welsh music any time, almost anywhere!

If you’ve got access to the internet, you’ve got a world of Welsh music at your fingertips.

Tune in to Cymru FM from anywhere in the world, or follow Welsh musicians on Spotify (or wherever else you listen to music).

My personal favorites are Yws Gwynedd, Al Lewis, and Calan.

Or, if you prefer English-language music by Welsh artists, there’s MARINA, Bonnie Tyler, and, of course, Tom Jones – to name a few!

Watch Welsh Films / TV

Depending on where you are, you can watch a whole bunch of Welsh-made media on S4C for free.

From sports, to drama, to comedy, kids’ TV, and more, S4C is the channel for Wales.

Don’t speak Welsh? Don’t worry, many of these programs have English subtitles.

BBC Wales also have Welsh-specific programs – like Keeping Faith, which stars Welsh actress Eve Myles.

Or, watch films that are made by Welsh creators, are about Wales, or are set in Wales.

My personal favorite is Pride.

3. Read Welsh Books / Poetry

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

For the past few years, I’ve been interested in studying Welsh history.

But, er… living with ADHD can make the actual study part a bit of a challenge.

Something that’s helped me learn at least a little bit of Welsh history every day is the Wales on This Day book.

This book has a short page of Welsh history to read each day of the year.

I’ll be honest, I don’t retain much of what I read – it’s not like I’m studying for an exam!

But I’ve added it to my morning routine, and it’s a fascinating way to start the day with a little Welsh history.

You can also read fiction books set in Wales, or books by Welsh authors.

Just a chapter or two a day is a great way to add a bit of Wales to your daily life!

4. Learn the Welsh Language

There are many ways to go about learning Welsh.

But if you want to keep things simple, Duolingo lessons are a great way to get a little dose of Welsh every day.

If you use the mobile app, Duolingo will give you extra points for doing one lesson in the morning and one in the evening.

Making this a part of your daily routine is a great way to incorporate a bit of Wales into your life… and develop your Welsh language skills while you’re at it!

5. Take a (Virtual) Tour

A screenshot of Google Maps Street View, located at 13 Wharton St in Cardiff, Wales. It's in the city centre, with people walking around a mix of historic and modern buildings.
Screenshot of Google Maps Street View in the Cardiff City Centre, outside of the Museum of Cardiff

When I’m missing Wales, Google Maps Street View is my best friend.

All I have to do is drag and drop the little Street View guy onto the map, and voilá!

I’m in Wales!

(There are limits to Street View; you can only go where the Google Maps cameras have been. But that’s quite a lot! Check out the screenshot below: all those blue lines are places you can explore in Street View!)

Whether you’re exploring a new place, or feeling nostalgic about somewhere you’ve been, this is a great way to feel like you’re in Wales.

Personally, I love doing this while listening to Welsh music and sipping on Welsh coffee or tea.

You can also watch videos of other people visiting places in Wales, like this one:

A lot of virtual tour videos like the one above are narrated by people who have researched the location in question.

This is especially great if you’re interested in the history of the place you’re looking at!

You can also browse the online collections of certain museums, like Amgueddfa Cymru.

Sure, you’re not immersed in the actual gallery, but you can enjoy the art from the comfort of your home!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got.

Can you think of any other ways to get a daily dose of Wales?

Please drop your ideas in the comments! I’m always looking for more ways to feel a little closer to Wales from across the pond.

If you’re a fellow Welsh enthusiast, feel free to follow me on Facebook for updates on new posts!

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