The Welsh Enthusiast is an informal and informational website about all things Welsh!

I’m Riley, the site runner, and my pronouns are he/him or they/them.

Originally from California, I’ve lived in several different parts of the US and hope to one day relocate to Wales.

I’ve had a special interest in Wales since 2019, and have been learning Welsh online since 2020 (albeit not as thoroughly as I’d like).

In November 2022, I finally got to visit Wales for the first time!

Riley, a white nonbinary person with short bleach blonde hair, smiles while standing in front of the Barry Island beach huts.

I stayed in Barry for just over a month, and made frequent day trips to Cardiff.

I hope to visit Wales many more times in the future, and explore other parts of the country.

Wales is one of my top interests, and I really enjoy learning all there is to know about Wales and the Welsh language.

The Welsh Enthusiast is a place where I can share that enthusiasm with anyone else who’s interested.

It also holds me accountable to my own commitment of learning Welsh, and reading up on Welsh goings-on – whether past, present, or upcoming.


As the site title suggests, I’m a Welsh Enthusiast; I don’t claim to be an Expert.

As such, I don’t recommend using this site as a homework resource, or in place of in-depth education on Wales/Welsh.

This is just a place for me to share my interest in Wales, and hopefully to lift up some lovely Welsh businesses, artists, and events.

Whether you’re Welsh yourself or simply a fellow “Welsh Enthusiast”, you’re welcome here!

Cymru Am Byth!