All For Wales: A Promise

I promise to put any income earned through The Welsh Enthusiast right back into the economy of Wales.

I’m not making any money off of this site as of yet.

But if I ever do (via sponsored posts, ads, affiliate links, or whathaveyou), I’m committed to ensuring that any such money (after taking care of web hosting) will benefit the Welsh economy directly.

I believe that to do otherwise would be exploitation of the very place I claim to love, and that goes against my values.

I have a separate savings account for Wales-only purchases, and that’s where any income from this site will be going.

For example, I love buying imported items from businesses in Wales (such as coffee, tea, Welsh-language books, and Etsy items made in Wales by Welsh creators).

Any of my future trips to Wales will be funded from that savings account, too.

But, as I said, I want to ensure that any money earned from The Welsh Enthusiast will go toward Wales specifically.

So, in the case of travel, my flights (which would most likely be into Heathrow and thus would benefit English business) would not be paid for with income from The Welsh Enthusiast.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding my use of any potential income from this website, please reach out.